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Odoo CMS - a big picture
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Odoo V10 Deployment

Odoo installation and
installation on multi tenant
servers horizontally.

- February 2018 -


Odoo V10 Optimization,

Development Basic Requirement

Improvement Odoo PoS Module performance
from 5 minutes to 20 seconds, Improvement is ok
Inventory module performance from 30 min to 30 sec.
Development of basic financial statements (BS, PL, TB)
and other basic business processes.

- March 2018 -

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Odoo V10 Development
Synchronization with RMS

Interfacing odoo with the MsSQL Server database
to attract sales data and transfer data
stock and convert into entry journal

- November 2018 -


Odoo V10 Accounting Report

Development of the Odoo module for POS,
Sales Vendor Bill, G / L Report,
A / R Report, A / P Report and
Declaration Cashier / Shop Deposit

- January 2019 -

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